Whether it’s a Victorian in Lafayette Square, a mid-century modern in Crestwood, or a gingerbread in Southampton; home is your safe haven & a place to create happy memories with those you love. Our family of hard-working real estate professionals are here to help you get there.

Portrait photo of Dave Nall

Dave Nall

Direct | 314-971-1711

Office | 314-353-0336


Dave Nall knows a quality house when he sees one. With a degree in Construction & numerous historic renovations under his belt he can easily spot a diamond in the rough. Like so many in the Garcia Properties work family, real estate tends to course through his veins. Licensed since 2007, Dave started selling houses in St. Louis & has been an active agent since. He’s spent the last 3 years working with Garcia Development / Garcia Construction. After much persuasion, he’s given up the glamorous life in renovations & has moved his focus back to Sales. Not only is Dave one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet; with a resume like this, you couldn’t find yourself in better hands. Whether you’re buying, selling or interested investment properties, Dave has it handled. His little family, consists of his uber-talented wife, Lauren of Fletcherworks fame & 2 adorable, but rapidly growing kids. If he’s not negotiating or building something you can probably find him with a big smile on his face somewhere in the great outdoors with his family paddling Ozark streams, rock climbing, fishing or camping.

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